The very existence of this blog is in itself testimony to the splendor, goodness, sense of humor, and providence of God. A project like this is truly the last thing I ever envisioned myself undertaking. I am by nature a deeply private individual, preferring to share my personal experiences, along with my innermost thoughts and feelings, with only a select few of those closest to me. It is no exaggeration to say that only an act of the Lord, a direct prompting of the Holy Spirit, could have convinced me to let others in to such a degree, sharing the stories that have shaped my life and especially my faith, which I consider the most intimate and cherished part of me. Obedience in this has required laying aside my own understanding and trusting in the Lord’s plan, knowing that he will be faithful to accomplish the good work he has begun in each of us. So for those of you who happen upon this blog, it is my prayer that God would use my testimony to stir in you deeper faith, greater trust, and a desire to know the One who is writing a better story than any of us ever could.



Jennie is a homeschooling mother of ten, wife and ministry partner to her husband of twenty-two years, and a part-time marriage and family therapist living in Franklin, TN.